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Nora M.

Diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer-cholangiocarcinoma. Have done MANY rounds of chemo (worked in the beginning but stopped working 3 months into treatment) had 2/3 of my liver replaced and now cancer cells are popping back up. They want to do more chemo, radiation and possibly radiation beads. Just got the leaves today. Prepared my tea: *Boiled alkaline water *Placed leaves in pot and turned OFF the flame. *Let simmer for an hour * placed in glass containers. * store in fridge Earthy taste, robust GORGEOUS color.


Sarah D.

I bought it for my mother she was diagnosed with the breast cancer.She went through the hursh chemo,surgery and the radiation as well.I was getting the fresh fruits of Guana in China town in NY city during the late summer and early fall season in 2018.Unfortunately the fresh fruit of the Guana is not available in the winter and spring time so we have decided to use its leaves instead as a supplement. I can not say that the leaves are better than fruit yet.


Emma K.

Absolutely love this product. First of, delivery was fast. I ordered it Sunday night and it was on my doorstep Monday. Secondly, the taste is not bad. Not bad at all. Let me tell you, I hate tea but the soursop leaves I actually like. I boil 3 cups of water at night with 3-4 soursop leaves (after water has been boiled you're left with enough soursop water to make 2 cups). I drink a cup at night and another cup in the morning. I totally get it that some people question the soursop leaves' curative powers but my sporadic stomach aches...gone. I have a lot more energy and sleep better at night. I highly recommend it.